Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry
of the Southern Federal University
(ex- Rostov State University)

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Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry of the Rostov State University

7, Zorge Street, 344090 Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Phone: + 007 863 297 51 48




The scientific activity of the department is concerned with the fundamental problems of the relation between the structure and physical and chemical properties of the co-ordination compounds.

The main fields of the departments research are:

  Coordination chemistry: synthesis, structure and study of the physical and chemical properties of the metallo-organic and co-ordination compounds with O-, N-, S-, Se-, As-, Te-, P-containing ligands.

  Magnetic properties of bi- and poly-nuclear clusters, based on the transition metals complexes with poly-functional hydrazones and Schiff bases.

  The study of the macro-cyclic complexes, containing ferrocene and ruthenocene moieties.

  Quantum chemical calculations of the co-ordination compounds' electronic structure.

  Synthesis and investigation of a phosphorus-organic compounds and their complexes with transition metals.

  ESR spectroscopy of the transition metals complexes with organic ligands.

  The study of the structural isomerization and isomeric transformations of the organic and co-ordination compounds, including photochromic properties of the molecules, containing spiro-pyranes unit.

  The research of the surface processes and phase interactions in the disperse systems, the obtaining of the colloid state metals and nano-sized inorganic and co-ordination compounds particles.


The tutorial staff of the department is involved into educational process in the university attending a number of the basis and special disciplines for the students of the chemical and biological faculties.

  Physical Chemistry

  Colloid Chemistry

  Physical Methods in Chemistry

  Numerical Methods in Chemistry

  History of Chemistry

  Novel Information Technologies in Chemistry Education

  Physical and Colloid Chemistry (for Department of Biology)

Tutorial Staff:

  Victor A. Kogan Professor, Head of Department.

  Vladimir V. Lukov Professor

 Sergey B. Bulgarevich Professor

  Gennadiy I. Bondarenko Associated Professor

 Vera A. Chetverikova Associated Professor

  Sergey I. Levchenkov Associated Professor

  Sergey N. Lyubchenko Associated Professor

  Andrey N. Morozov Associated Professor

  Sergey A. Borodkin Senior Lecturer

  Antoniy O. Bulanov Senior Lecturer

  Igor N. Shcherbakov Senior Lecturer

  Yulia P. Tupolova Senior Lecturer

  Mikhail V. Boyko Assistant Professor

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